Mini American Shepherds 

wonderful compans


Hi, Cheryl!                   9/25/12
I just wanted to let you know that Bullet is still doing great. He still lives with us in Moore, OK. We moved from Choctaw about a month ago. I’ll send you some pics very soon. I’m sorry I haven’t written to you in awhile. He’s the sweetest and best dog I could have ever asked for! He is great with the kids. I’ve had several people that have offered me the world for him, and there’s no way I would ever sell him. He’s super sweet, and everyone immediately falls in love with him.
My mom has a female blue merle that she got from a lady in Missouri, and the two of them are always together. He’s very well taken care of, and he has a good life.
He really is the best we could've asked for. He loves the kids. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but he is protective. He is probably the sweetest dog that I've ever owned. He is extremely playful, and he knows quite a few tricks. He is a very vocal dog, especially right before time to eat. LOL

He belongs to the family, but my 4 year old will not do anything without her Bullet. He follows her around, she dresses him up, and he sleeps with her. We have a lot of children around at all times. We have 3, we have 2 young nieces that come over a lot, and Tyler and Jason have gobs of friends. They all flock to Bullet, and he's great with everyone that's ever come over. Everyone wants to leave with Bullet when they come over.
Cory and Lacie Gray

Hi Cheryl,                 9/23/12

It has been a little over a year now since we purchased Sammy (to you he was called either “Coke” or “Sandy”). And we wanted to share a couple of photos of him. He is a great dog and the best we have ever had (and you were right –much smarter than the collies we owned). Sammy is the most loving, smart and playful dog and doesn’t know a stranger.


Sammy is such a trooper, he swims, hikes and jogs with us regularly –


Thanks for such a good companion.


Dan and Cyndee DeMellier


Hi Cheryl,                                    9/27/12
Levi-Obie puppy
T-cup AKA Sophie is doing great. She is the smartest dog we have ever seen. She does all of her tricks she knows and makes up games to play when she is bored.
She weighs just under 20 lbs, loves to swim at the lake with us. She has her own floating cushion when she is tired. I will send you a few pics.
Hope you all are doing good. It is nice to hear from you.

Hi Cheryl,
Zoe-Okie puppies

Finally we are getting some rain here!! I hope you are as well.

I attached some recent photos of Emma and Rango. They are a joy! Not too interested in learning their names though - too many other things to do and see. They do well on leashes and are now mimicking the older dogs. Fun to watch them!

I see the updated photos - they are growing fast! Darling has changed - she looks very intense, watchful. She's a favorite now.

Have a good weekend. I am glad I met you!

Suzye Rowe Rogers           12/17/12
Layla-Cooper puppy and Mystic-Danger puppy
Cheryl you have the most awesome puppies, and you are so honest and caring... Thank you for being REAL!!!!
Love ya! 
Suzye has 2 puppies from me. A red tri male and a blue merle female. Thank you Suzye!!
Came across your emails and thought if let you know how much we love Addie..she is such a blessing to our home. Though our family doggie that past away would be tough to replace, but Addie has melted our hearts. This is her right after bath time.. We r looking to rescue another medium size dog to add a friend for her. Thanks for the wonderful doggie!

Misty Kelley       1/6/13
Hello Cheryl,
Blue Reno puppy
Blizten is wonderful!! Our group decided on the name Snow because of her frosted ears. I will be sure to send you pictures as she grows. She is incredibly smart and energetic. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

-Patrick Searcey and Jenny Kunzweiler 
Blue-Reno puppy
Thought I would send a quick update on our puppy.  She is such a sweetie and immediately captured all of our hearts!  She has adapted quickly to a routine with us.  We bought a large wire crate with a divider that she can grow into, and she has adjusted so well to it.  She now will go into her crate on her own to rest - without any prompting from us.  She has also discovered the laundry basket as a soft place to rest as you can see in one of the pictures.   She is doing great with house training and has learned the sit command to wait on her treat.  We all just love her to pieces - thank you for a sweet pup!  This puppy was Cupid.

LaNan Deaton
Gracie-Reno puppy
Meagan McLauchlin

Hey Cheryl! I was going to give you an update on Dozer. (not sure if you care or not but I want to brag! lol) 1- He is the best dog I have had! I've had Rough Collies, Labs, and Mastiffs! 2- He can sit, shake, and lay down. He is close to rolling over. 3- He is already protective of my son! We went swimming and the side my son would be Dozer would be on the edge of that side barking. 4-When I take him to work (I own a boutique) people take pictures of him, carry him around, ask for your info. They think he is the prettiest dog they have seen. We take walks to the pond everyday and he LOVES it! The only hiccup we are having is potty training. He still goes in the house (tee tees) about 3 times a week. Well, there ya go! lol Maybe one day if you are still breeding I will get my next one from you

Riggins (you called him Minnisota) is an amazing puppy. I just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful dog. As you told me when I bought him, he is an adventurous little guy. He is also amazingly sweet, smart, and playful. He follows me around everywhere and already knows basic commands. I have just started taking him out to the ranch while I work. He hangs out with my moms mini aussie, they are best friends. Everyone loves little Riggins. He is absolutely fantastic! 
Thank you,
Chauncey Smith
Levi/Reno puppy

Good morning from the Sirmon family! 

 We named little checkers Sonic after the cartoon sonic and the hedgehog (my husbands favorite cartoon growing up.) Sonic is such a smart little man! He's already caught on to sitting and he's learning to bring the toys back! We took him to the vet yesterday and got him his second round of shots and wormer. We were wondering if he was born without his tail or did you dock it? Just curious.  Anyways I just thought I would let you know Sonic is a fantastic puppy and we love him! We will send you pictures soon. Have a great day!

-Bailey and Jonathan Sirmon 
Hi Cheryl,  just wanted to share a pic of Chip!  This little guy is the love of our life.  He will be 1 next month and he's weighing in at 24lbs and is about 16" tall.  The perfect size.  He's such a good boy and has his basic commands down pat!  Just like you predicted one blue eye and one green with a blue moon in it.  Anyone that sees him is very impressed and his coat has every type of hair, some long, some short, some curly, and some straight but all very manageable!  Still being a puppy, he will be a little mischievous but all in all, one great dog!  He loves walks in the afternoon, plays ball and frisbee nonstop, and loves to travel!  Thanks for giving us such a wonderful Aussie!

Nancy & Butch Hamilton
Weatherford, Ok
Hello Cheryl,

My name is Elsa Canaan, and I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I purchased an Aussie from you almost one year ago this month.  Her name was Sky when we bought her but we re-named her Raleigh.  I just want you to know that from day one, she captured our hearts. She is always happy to see us, never judges, and is the best dog ever! She's super intelligent, beautiful, sweet with everyone, loves her treats, loves to go on car rides, loves walks/runs, and can hardly wait for bedtime. She is loyal and very spoiled - and that's OK!

Thank you so much Cheryl!! Our family has been truly blessed with our sweet Raleigh!  Hope you enjoy the attached pics and video.

Elsa Canaan  
12/31/13           GRACIE PUPPY
Oh my! I promise you, Merle is the best dog I have ever been around we love him sooo much

I have been looking and trying to convince the fiancé we need another!!
1/6/14             GRACIE PUPPY

Hi there!  I meant to send you a picture and update on his birthday but with the holidays and sick kids I lost that train of thought!  I’m so glad you emailed!  Bear is our sweet boy.  We can’t believe how fast his first year has gone!  He is full of energy, but is very much a little love too.  He is extremely smart and the trainer we have been working with says he has to be one of the smartest dogs she has ever had.  She just adores him and says he is her favorite student.  Our family wouldn’t be complete without him!  Our 15 year old dog has pepped up since having him too.  She and Bear play every night while we are getting the kids ready for bed.  They have their routine and they are funny about how they interact.  This summer he decided our pool was for his enjoyment.  He absolutely loves to swim!  We have to keep the cover on the pool simply so he will not get in while it is cold.  He seriously would jump in and swim a couple of laps when we were not in it.  Bear loves the kids with all of his heart, they are his people and takes care of them.  He’s up to about 45 pounds but is not as tall as a typical Aussie, which I think is why he thinks he can be a lap dog at times too!  He’s sweet, smart, and such a part of us all!  We are grateful for him!

Hope you are doing well!  I really apologize for not emailing sooner.  I have thought so many times of you and had intended on sending you an update!
I’m going to forward pictures to you as well.
3/7/14                CALI & RULER PUPPY
Hello Cheryl,

I received the application in the mail so I decided to send an update about Lyla Belle (you called her Ruth- from Cali/Ruler litter in November). Lyla has endless amounts of personality! This little girl has just received all of her final shots, weighs about 16 pounds and is now starting walks and will soon be starting her agility training. I just want to say that she is everything I had hoped for and more in a puppy. She is now sitting and lying down on command and she's working on "shake" and "roll over"…needless to say she is so smart and learns very quickly. Lyla is the sweetest girl in the morning and just loves to get pets as I'm waking up. She is also the most playful puppy I have ever seen and never meets a stranger…no matter what size. We have a 85lb, 7-year-old German Shepherd and they are best buds; they play together, hang out together in the day when I am at school/work, and they love to share a bed and toys in the house. She has also taken a liking to our 7 pound Chihuahua. The two play for hours in the evening running all over the house. Lyla is outgoing, sweet and has plenty of attitude to go around, which I just love about her. She fits into my life so well and I could not of found a more perfect puppy and best friend. I have some photos attached so you can see what a pretty little girl she is.
I couldn't thank you enough for the perfect companion. 

5/24/14     Rosie & Ruler
Hi Cheryl 
Last night Scotch arrived safely and she is a angel she is so playful and she is just eating breakfast she knows to come when we say come and she slept good through he night. She loves her toys and loves to play. I Absolutely love her. She is already great at potty training:) 
We decided to name her Ellie and she loves the name:) her middle name is butterscotch because her birth name was scotch. Thank you.
July 5th update
Hi Cheryl!
I just wanted to send you some pictures of our little Ellie she has a wonderful personality and makes every day more exciting.
Her tan colours are showing more and more looking just like Okie and Ruler. She is so adventurous and loves to explore. Talk to you soon ------ Brianne 
Brianne   CANADA
6/9/14  Gracie & Ruler
He is such an awesome baby. He was neutered recently. Did awesome and was a trooper with that cone on his head. Lol
Took him to the lake a little over a month ago for training traveling, trailer and fishing. He got 5 stars. Learned to to. Fetch in water and swim. We enjoyed that week end immensely. He learned a lot. He has stolen our hearts, not Ducky's. He still can't stand him. But it is fine. They don't have to be together. He loves his big bubbie's in the big yard. And they missed him while we had to keep him up after his surgery.
We spoil him rooted. He is so adaptable. Loves being in bed with us or staying out with his big guy's in the yard. Trains very easily..:). We are so in love with all our fur babies. But, he is special....
Thank you again for all you do in making them available to us...have a great day Susie Owens...
Love the little girl on your website that is pending.. Unique colors.
Oh he is six months now. Will he grow much more?  He isn't as big as daddy, I mean in height. I know he has to fill out.... Just wondering...
Susie  Oklahoma
 1/12/15   Kade & Ariat
Zoey on the left and CoCo on the right. Just wanted you to know my baby girls are doing very well in their new home. Much joy and love for us and them too. We love them very much.
Thank you for such wonderful pups
Angie   Kingston, OK
6-27=15  Ruler & Gracie
Kerbey is a beautiful boy!  
He has the best disposition. He is so sweet and loving with our children. and guards the house! Love this boy! 
Scott & Rose Truelove  TX.



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